Engineering Services offer comprehensive services – from multi- technical maintenance up to supply specialist in all level and experience in terms of technician or engineer. All those services will be managed by MPM, who run by facility services professionals that will offer the best practices to proactively manage the performance and take care of our client facility needs so they can focus on its core business.

Our strategic and client-focused approach drives us to offer innovative and reliable engineering services. Also, proven organizational capacity and qualified personnel make MPM the ideal partner to be entrusted with the care of your assets and property.

MPM will provide services individually or as integrated solutions. Our Engineering Services combines all the customer’s needs into a single solution, where one service are will link and support other service areas; therefore it will increase efficiency and optimize service delivery. However, each individual service, each solution, is also offered to our customer in order to satisfy their unique needs.

Currently, we do close partnership with JLL in terms of hard services. We have been appointed as their sole vendor for building maintenance and engineering supply (Integrated Facility Services) since 2013. This mutual relationship can be achieved due to our commitment and full support to run the business together.

Multi-technical Maintenance Services

MPM will provide an extensive range of management, operating and maintenance services for the various utilities inside the building. It also includes planning and execution of minor projects, renovation and upgrading works to
comply with standard.

We will be responsible for ensuring that all utilities inside the building will be in good running condition. Two maintenance strategies would be applied by us:

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) would be conducted on a regular cycle by identifying the importance of each systems and also by considering the the recommendation from the manufacturer and the best maintenance practice. Then, those factors would be taken into account to compile PPM Schedule. MPM would ensure that engineering service team would conduct PPM inspection and services are properly carried out.

Corrective Maintenance (CM) / breakdown repair would be conducted by engineering service team when they receive a report of any sudden breakdown. Technicians on-call or on stand-by will provide 24 hours corrective maintenance services for emergency situations.