The rapid growth of hotel business and the trend in energy efficiency in Indonesia orginate MPM to involve in this business trend by collaborating with INNCOM as a principal of Guestroom Control and Energy Management Systems since 2004.

Our first project in Mandarin Oriental Hotel was entrusted and appointed directly by INNCOM principal (USA) without any tender process. The success of the project that creates this trusted partnership that has empowered MPM to continue providing best solutions to hotels all around Indonesia.

For your information, energy, through heating, cooling and lighting, is typically a hotel’s second highest operating cost. Whether the price is rising, staying flat or decreasing, the impact on financial statements is always noticeable. While energy cost-cutting is imperative, there is an acute need by hotels to balance cost-cutting efforts with the desire to accommodate and delight its guest. Due to this statement, MPM together with INNCOM would help the
hoteliers to address these solutions simultaneously:

• Guests’ expectations of comfort, safety and satisfaction
• Hotel management’s need for efficiency and reliability
• Hoteliers’ need to generate profits
• Customers’ desire to buy form socially responsible businesses
• Hoteliers’ obligation to be environmentally sensitive

Furthermore, MPM & INNCOM energy management solutions range from low-cost, standalone products to advanced, centrally-controlled systems that can involve lighting and drape controls, as well as situation alerts and property data collecting and reporting.

For more than 5,000 hotels rooms installed, MPM with INNCOM Products has successfully provided various configurations to provide integrated systems for Direct Digital Control, energy management, on-line electronic lock control, multi-point lighting control, guest TV control interfaces and operating enhancements for engineering, housekeeping, security, minibar and other hotel staff groups.

By those advantages and proven experiences as a consultant and contractor for Guestroom Control and Energy Management systems, facilitates MPM to penetrate hotel market in Indonesia.